Reduce the global incidence and effects of the diseases Obesity, Diabetes & COVID.

DIFFERENCE will achieve this by focussing on the root causes of metabolic dysfunction and exclusively in the public interest and will not allow any competition from the interests of either its operators or its donors. The Foundation will develop robust scientific support for approaches to prevent and reverse the target diseases. It will do so through designing, guiding and funding highly quantitative research to develop strong evidence on the impact of lifestyle factors on metabolic welfare and in facilitating and guiding social and industrial policies based on this evidence.

Quantitative Science Fund

To stop the Metabolic and Diabetes Epidemic

Foundation Activities

The DIFFERENCE Foundation will shine a bright light on the modifiable causes of the Metabolic, Diabetes and COVID Crisis.

Nutrition and Lifestyle to sustain health and prevent disease are controversial and DIFFERENCE believes that a fresh, deterministic and data-led approach is required for this to change. We want to make the problem as close to a mathematical one as possible.

The Foundation will take the lead on behalf of society, industry and governments to fund and make accessible the best science to inform policies and behaviour to reverse this disease crisis. The primary instrument of the Foundation in this respect is the Scientific Investment Council. The Council comprises a selected group of world leaders in pure and applied quantitative science and is responsible for guiding and selecting the DIFFERENCE-funded research programmes.

DIFFERENCE will exclusively serve the public interest by quantitating the relationship between nutritional lifestyle and long-term health maintenance and outcomes. A special focus in our work is on defence against COVID through empowering populations with the knowledge and the tools to optimise metabolic health, which appears to be the primary modifiable health condition that defines COVID susceptibility. These data analyses will integrate metrics of population health with those of financial risk exposure and return-on-investment. In pursuit of its Mission, DIFFERENCE will catalyse and facilitate the adoption of public and private sector policies and initiatives that leverage research that meets DIFFERENCE’s standards for robustness.

DIFFERENCE will establish a Scientific Investment Council made up of the experts in quantitative research and the application of scientific rigour who will stipulate the requirements of and to select projects to be funded by the Foundation. DIFFERENCE will achieve its goals through aligning with industry to drive its funding and impact. In this respect it has identified Health and Life Insurance as having optimal alignment with the public interest and DIFFERENCE is therefore launched through partnership with this industry. DIFFERENCE will allocate funding to qualified projects that suits the social and medical needs of Society with a focus on the crisis in nutrition and metabolism.

Our Governance

The Impact Council will be responsible for recruiting the best researchers and academics for the funded research programmes. Crucially it will promote the outcome of research and analyses to positively change policies in industry and government and nutritional and lifestyle behaviour of populations. But most important of all, it will catalyse, provide the climate for and support and guide government, NGO's and industry in massively increasing their spending on effective Research. By that we mean research that adheres to the very highest standards of quantitative science as exemplified in DIFFERENCE's showcase research projects.
In addition, the Impact Council will manage Public Relations for the Foundation.

The Legal Council will, inter alia, monitor the scientific research projects undertaken by the Foundation and will verify whether these projects meet customary legal requirements and whether materials published by the Foundation have a solid basis as the outcome of scientific research projects undertaken under the auspices of the Foundation.

The Financial Council will ensure that all the activites of the Foundation comply with local national and international laws and regulations at all times.

DIFFERENCE will combine powerful new techniques in data science, biotechnology and clinical trials and include disciplines outside of health to harden and improve the predictive value of the science. In so doing, DIFFERENCE will design the next generation practices of nutrition research and practically, will provide researchers with access to additional infrastructure including labs, academic consultants and cutting-edge techniques.

• Fund raising with Family Offices, R&D Institutions and other relevant Associations that fit the funding profile for our Mission
• Create Awareness and Support for the Cause of the Foundation and Source relevant information to cure diseases and support those active in the field
• International Seminars, Round Tables with peers, Conferences planned with relevant stakeholders
• Partner with existing initiatives to realise practical solutions for those that need it

Fifteen year plan to reduce the following metrics globally by 30% or more
  • Incidence of obesity & diabetes: obesity affects 13% and diabetes is approximately 13% of the world population
    • Focus on reducing infection and severity of COVID disease and gestational diabetes for mother and child
    • Time off work
  • Cost of Health & Life Policies
    • Reduction in Risk Ratio
  • Reduce health service costs
    • For Obesity & Diabetes: currently 1.2 bn. of Dutch health care expenses and 2 bn. loss of labour productivity
    • Universalreduction of non-communicable diseases relating to nutrition
    • Redirect governmental funding to research that meets the standards of rigour as elucidated by the DIFFERENCE Scientific Investment Council
DIFFERENCE will publish their KPI's to quantify the reversal in the incidence of metabolic disturbance and the financial plight that it drives. Remuneration: The Trustees will be remunerated only for costs incurred. Staff members will be paid according to standards established for similar charities and based on their relevant experience and effectiveness.


  • The DIFFERENCE Anchor Budget for the initial setup is two million Euros and will consist of two components:
    • An internal Expenses plan based on minimal costs of the organisation with unpaid board but paid service providers for research, secretarial, marketing, consultancies, marketing and professional legal/auditing support
      • For the Startup phase, this will comprise around 50% of the top line budget
      • Once full operations have commenced, then the target for Internal Expenses will be less than 15%
    • A External Budget focused on funding projects, initiatives and or companies aimed at successfully implementing our strategy and that fit our strict selection criteria for funding and research partnering
  • DIFFERENCE will leverage its funds with cash and in-kind contributions from private and public project funding sources
  • On the basis of our published General Financial Plan, we seek funding from credible and accredited Institutional partners and HNWI/Family Offices and other that believe in our cause
  • Anchor funding provided by HNWI in health community and Insurance Industry
  • We will also source international funding as the focus of our cause is crossing borders
  • Currently ABN AMRO has been appointed as our Bank for our national and international transactions and depository of accounts
  • Blockchain implementation to provide granular traceability to donors in respect of the:
    • Application of their funds
    • The resulting Impact and Outcomes

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Anyone seriously interested in our mission is welcome to participate in the launch funding of DIFFERENCE as a donor. If you wish to become a donor or to contribute as an academic, then please contact us for more information

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